Surgical trocars are medical devices that are used during laparoscopic surgeries,

Surgical trocars are medical devices that are used during laparoscopic surgeries, with different types of disposable and reusable. There are different types of blade surgical trocar and bladeless surgical trocar with minimal differences.

The blade surgical trocar has a product design that facilitates the exit of laparoscopic devices through the surgical trocar during surgery. The bladed trocar with a sharp linear blade is produced in different sizes of ribbed fixation cannula configurations and standard trocar lengths. In this manner, its usage areas are expanding and it provides ease of application with surgical procedures.

The blade surgical trocar has a spring-loaded locking mechanism that reduces the risk of injury to internal structures. Due to this product design, it provides safe use with pneumoperitoneum suitable for abdominal procedures. The blade surgical trocar covers the sharp and linear blade with the blade shield at its tip after penetration into the abdominal and thoracic cavity. Thus, it minimizes the tissue trauma it may cause in intra-abdominal or intra-thoracic structures. The mechanism to which this sharp blade is attached is called the obturator.

When access is provided to the abdominal and thoracic cavities during surgery, the obturator is removed from the blade surgical trocar cannula. This completes the use of the obturator.

In addition another part included in the blade surgical trocar product design is the red blade indicator on the safety indicator above the obturator. This indicator shows the position of the blade shield in relation to the sharp linear blade. The linear sharp blade of disposable surgical trocars with blades is generally made of stainless steel material. As part of the medical product design, the trocar cannula includes an internal seal to prevent gas leakage. Hereby, the contamination does not occur when operating instruments are inserted or removed without loss of pneumoperitoneum.

Gas insufflation and desufflation are controlled by the valve located in the cannula area of the surgical trocar with blades. The valve, which is closed except for surgical operations, becomes open when turned parallel to the luer connection. In this way, the product design, the blade surgical trocar provides medical advantages in the medical field.