Katsan Surgical Sutures, a leading synthetic surgical suture manufacturing company in Turkey, was founded in 1976 as a catgut producer. Katsan is striving for higher quality products and a bigger market share by using innovative technologies.About Us

Katsan integrates its own competence and proficiency in production of medical devices for surgery with new ideas to develop and provide physician and patient-centric solutions and products. The manufacturing site in Izmir, Turkey with over 2600 m2 area has a ISO class 8 cleanroom. Katsan puts endless effort to develop healthcare sector with experienced staff that manufactures world quality medical equipment.
Katsan’s wide product range benefits patients by helping them handle deseases and live healthier and longer lives, and helping healthcare professionals treat patients by using best-in-class medical devices. Katsan’s medical devices, including surgical sutures, products for laparoscopic surgery, sports medicine, haemostats and meshes, are designed for improving the quality of life of the
Katsan leverages its expertise, breadth and scale in order to support its partners, startups and other producers by providing qualified services for each step of OEM manufacturing.

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