Absorbable Sutures

Absorbable Sutures


What are the
Uses of Absorbable Suture?

It is used in the fields of skin, ligature, connective tissue, abdominal closure, dental, urology, gynecology, thoracic surgery and orthopedic surgery.

What are Absorbable
Sutures? What are Absorbable Sutures Serve for?

Absorbable sutures, which provide tissue support for a certain period of time after healing, are removed with body fluid. These surgical threads, which are produced in different tissues, including multifilament and monofilament, are very easy to use. Absorbable threads are generally used to close the deepest parts of the wound. Depending on the patient and wound condition, absorbable surgical threads can also be used on the skin surface. In the Katsan absorbable suture portfolio, there are PGA, PGA Rapid, PGLA, PGLA Rapid, PGCL, and PDO sutures. They are classified as monofilament absorbable sutures and multifilament absorbable sutures based on their features.

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