The surgical trocar, which differs according to the surgeon’s choice and method of use, is also preferred…

The surgical trocar, which differs according to the surgeon’s choice and method of use, is also preferred as a single-use surgical trocar due to the ease of application and safe use it provides to the surgeon.Also,disposable surgical trocar is generally applied as minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries in gynecological, general and urological endoscopic procedures.Disposable surgical trocar can be diversified as a blade surgical trocar and a bladeless surgical trocar.In addition disposable surgical trocar requires less force for insertion into the body during surgical operation.This is because the disposable surgical trocar has a sharper structure than the reusable trocar.The following steps are followed when using a disposable surgical trocar.

  • Initially, by creating a pneumoperitoneum in the abdomen and taking the patient’s weight into consideration, a trocar is inserted at an appropriate angle; less force should be applied to the trocar during placement against the risk of injury in internal structures.
  • The obturator is placed in the trocar cannula; this step must take place before the trocar penetrates the skin incision.
  • The upper part of the obturatoris grasped in the palm and tightened.Thus, by unlocking the blade shield, the trocar is activated.
  • The important point in this step is to continue to tighten the upper part of the obturator throughout the skin incision.Also,with the insertion of the trocar, continuous downward pressure should be applied.
  • If using a blade surgical trocar, the red blade indicator indicates the position of the blade shield. Thus, when the abdominal or thoracic space is reached, the shield closes the linear blade and locksinto place.If using a surgical trocar without a blade, the cannula is left and the device is fixed and the obturator is removed from the trocar cannula.
  • After the whole procedure is completed, desufflation is performed and the valve is opened parallel tothe luer connection.The cannula is removed by turning it gently from the fixed location.