Non- Absorbable Sutures

Non- Absorbable Sutures




What are the
Uses of Non-Absorbable Suture?

Cardiovascular surgery, Dermatologic surgery, Hernia surgery, Soft tissue bonding and ligation, Ophthalmologic surgery, Plastic surgery, Micro surgery, Pediatric surgery, Obstetrics operations, Gynecologic surgery, Urology and orthopedics, Tissue closure and abdominal wall closure operations.

What is Non-Absorbable
Suture? What are non-absorbable sutures serve for?

Non-absorbable sutures are frequently preferred materials in surgical operations today. These surgical sutures, which are produced in different tissues, including multifilament and monofilament, are very easy to use. Non-absorbable sutures do not spontaneously disappear in the tissue and can be bent and twisted easily. Since the passage of this type of suture through tissue is quite simple, it is also suitable for use on difficult tissues such as palms, soles, and mucous membranes. Non-absorbable sutures are used in many surgical procedures due to their easy use and soft structure. These surgical sutures, which are sterilized with ethylene oxide and offered ready for use, can be found in different thicknesses and lengths, and are also available with and without needles. Multifilament and monofilament sutures, which have a general use network, are often preferred by doctors because they can be knotted easily and provide permanent tissue support. Multifilament sutures are obtained by braiding more than one fiber thread. Monofilament sutures are produced from a single thread.

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