Suction Irrigation Set

Suction Irrigation Set

Suction Irrigasyon Set

A suction irrigation set is a crucial medical device used during surgical operations and medical procedures, especially in minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic surgery) and endoscopic procedures. This set is designed to aspirate (draw) fluids and clean the surgical area. With the ability to simultaneously inject fluid, it enhances visibility in the surgical area and facilitates tissue manipulation. It ensures the smooth progress of the operation by managing the fluid needed for the surgeon to maintain a clean and visible surgical field, removing dirty fluids from the abdomen.

Key Features of KATSAN Suction Irrigation Set;

Product Ref No Features Packaging
Suction İrrigasyon Set ESI05M 5mm X 330mm 10 PCS / BOX
Suction İrrigasyon Set ESI05L 5mm X 450mm 10 PCS / BOX

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