ACL Adjustable Loop

ACL Adjustable Loop

ACL Adjustable Loop (For Femoral Cortical Fixation)

ACL Adjustable Loop is a self-latching adjustable button loop. It is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) non-absorbable polymer. Its sizes change between 12 and 60 mm.



  • Provides excellent durability and strength.
  • According to the design of unparalleled 3-point locking, a suture is easily placed and the suture creep is decreased.
  • One size fits all your ACL loop repair diameters.
  • It has a high pull strength.
  • The shiny titanium button provides a high visibility.
  • To reduce the coiling of the loop and suture; Packaging is optimized by using a single, long, protective card.

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