2nd Cukurova Multidisciplinary Approaches…

2nd Cukurova Multidisciplinary Approaches Symposium on Pelvic Floor Diseases Between 31 March – 01 April 2017, was organized in Adana. A rich, scientific program has been prepared by the symposium organizing committee to discuss the topic as a multidisciplinary and to transfer current diagnostic – treatment options. At the symposium, the topics and details related to the urology and gynecology sciences as well as Pelvic floor surgeon were discussed.

In addition to the supports of Çukurova University and Cleveland Clinic Colorectal Surgery Department; In the program that is prepared by the Turkish Surgical Association, Turkish Gynecology Association, Turkish Ostomy Surgery Association, Çukurova Urology Association with its scientific support, important pelvic diseases are discussed. Located in the region known as pelvic floor in human anatomy, functional and organic diseases of the rectal, anus, uterus, vagin, urinary canals, penis and bladder have been discussed in a scientific environment. In the symposium, topics and details related to the subject of the branches of urology and gynecology, as well as Pelvic Floor surgery were considered.

As the Katsan team, we were highly honored to be encouraged with intense demand and interest. We had the opportunity to describe and share the detailed information about absorbable and non-absorbable sutures .