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Surgical Sutures – Sutures are a medical device used during surgical operations to close wounds, stop bleeding and fuse tissue. There are different types of absorbable sutures and non-absorbable sutures.

What are the Usage Areas of Surgical Sutures?

Surgical Sutures – Sutures are produced from bio competible sutures and stainless steel needles with advanced technology within Katsan Medical Devices; they are used in general surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, urology, plastic surgery, neurology, microsurgery.

What are the types of Katsan Surgical Sutures?

Absorbable sutures produced by Katsan Medical Devices are PGA (Polyglycolic Acid) , PGA Rapid (Polyglycolic Acid Rapid), PGLA (Polyglycolic-colactic Acid) , PGLA Rapid (Polyglycolic-colactic Acid Rapid), PGCL (Polyglycolic-co-caprolactone), PDO (Polydioxanone). Non-absorbable sutures are PA (Polyamide), PP (Polypropylene) and Silk. Katsan offers its sutures with special product groups in cardiovascular, ophthalmic, dental and veterinary fields.

In addition, sternum seel used in hernia, abdominal wound closure, sternal closure, orthopedic surgeries including cerclage and tendon repair is also available in the suture product portfolio in various sizes and features.