The robots, which have been recently installed in medical facilities and large hospitals, have many procedures that are much more precise, flexible and controlled than the traditional techniques of doctors in the field of robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is usually preferred in small invasive surgery or in small incisions, but also in traditional open surgical procedures. Most recently, robotic surgery with the Da Vinci Surgical System was approved by the FDA in 2000 and adopted newly by US and European hospitals, although it was approved 17 years ago. Commonly used clinical robotic surgery system works with surgical instruments placed on the camera arm and the mechanical arms connected to this arm. It is controlled by a surgeon with a computer console. The computer console gives a 3D image of a high resolution, enlarged surgical site. Of course, this system has some advantages and disadvantages. The robotic system provides surgeons precision, flexibility and high control in many procedures and allows them to see the site better. With this system, surgeons can perform precise and complex operations that can be difficult or impossible with other methods. In addition, the risk of surgical site infection is reduced, the patient has less pain, less blood loss and less scarring. However, there are also risks of minimal infection and complications as in any conventional open surgery. As we have indicated, robotic surgery is not suitable for all operations. Specialist surgeons should decide on the advantages and disadvantages of robotic surgery and other conventional open surgical techniques. The progression of modern surgery and innovations are exciting, but as seen in the conclusions reached in clinical trials in the US and Europe, it looks like conventional systems will be used in surgery for a longer period of time.


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