Figure 1. Anatomical structure of surgical needle.

Surgical needles used during surgical operations can be found in many different sizes, different types and different shapes. The operation area or the structure of the scar tissue to be operated are the needle selection criteria required for the operation. On the other hand, the needle required for the operation should move through the tissue with minimal tissue reaction. At the same time, needle size is an important factor for a successful surgical operation. This is because improper use of the surgical needle type causes tissue damage. The image of the structure required for the needle is shown in figure 1.

Intercalarily, eyed needles used in ancient times were reusable and had an economical structure. Besides these features, its sharpness was at a lower level. Also, it had a double helix stitch because of the eye it had. As this needle passed through the tissue, it caused tissue trauma by causing more damage. All of the surgical needles used today are eyeless needles. Sutures are combined with needles during manufacturing by the manufacturer and presented to the use of surgeons. By creating a channel for the suture at the tip of the needle, the needle and suture are combined for a smooth transition. The needle and suture thickness has a thinner structure compared to the eyed needle. This surgical needle is called an atraumatic needle. The needle forms of atraumatic surgical needles are available in different forms:


Figure 2. Surgical needle forms.

Straight needle: This surgical needle, which can be used without a needle holder, is generally used in easily
accessible tissues.
1/4 Circle needle: The surgical needle used in the convex surface and sensitive surgeries has a slight curvature.
3/8 Circle needle: They are needles generally used in large and superficial wounds
1/2 Circle needle: Areas of application are tissues such as skin, muscle, peritoneum and eyes.
5/8 Circle needle: These needles, which make it easier to maneuver in smaller areas, are mostly used in deep
and closed cavities.
J needle: It is used in laparoscopic surgeries with deep incision.

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