Surgical suture techniques have been changed recently and resulting less scarring. The greatest benefit of this is seen in reconstructive surgery because the most sensitive suture techniques are used to perform these delicate operations. Although some basic techniques have been used in general surgery, it has been observed that the selection of precision suture technique has a positive effect on long-term results. These techniques, which increase the patient comfort, have been used more and more frequently by doctors. Less complication means fewer patients returning to the hospital and decreased healthcare costs.

The techniques used in reconstructive surgery leave less scar tissue and these are: buried vertical mattress suture, facial plication suture, dermal suture back

Buried vertical mattress suture emerged in the late 80’s. When applied correctly, it provides excellent wound eversion and tissue approximation. The buried vertical mattress combines the advantages of buried intradermal suture buried with buried horizontal mattress suture. It is suitable for light and medium tension wounds. 

The facial plication suture is suitable for wounds with a certain tension, such as back and shoulder wounds. It is a deep technique and has a tension-reducing effect. The reduction in this tension allows for more superficial suturing to be applied. At the same time, the area of operation is used much more efficiently in this technique. Even a deep open wound can be transformed into a smaller fusiform defect with this technique.

Set-back dermal suture is a fairly new technique and was introduced in 2010. It is a reliable tension relief technique that can be used for new surgeons as it is easier to apply than the buried vertical mattress seam. Clinical studies have proven more useful in terms of both the patient and the physician than the buried vertical mattress suture.

Although these techniques have various advantages over classical suture techniques, complications and scar tissue formation should be expected.

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