All related activities of our company are set forth in written documents in accordance with ISO 13485 Quality Management System, and Human Resources applications and Quality system applications are integrated to each other.

Quality Policy

  • Following the innovations in its sector all the time,
  • Meeting customer demands on time without compromising quality,
  • Not only preserving the current structure but also adopting constant improvement as the basic principle,
  • Creating a system of management and production in accordance with the national and international legislations and rules in its field of activity,
  • Creating common mission, vision and strategy by developing all training activities in order to create the quality awareness of intercorporate personnel,
  • Offering a structure that guarantees the conformity of each product put on market with quality standards,
  • Creating product oriented works through customer oriented research and development (R&D) works,
  • Adopting the sense of team and keeping the corporate consciousness alive,
  • Offering quality product at convenient cost,
  • Carrying out corrective, preventive and improving activities by reviewing system performance,
  • Using Human Resources and Quality Management system effectively in order to reach our aims and targets within the shortest time possible,
  • Raising a corporate culture, which gives importance not only to the sense of constant training but also the health and safety of employees, and ensures employee satisfaction.