Surgical partially absorbable mesh are surgical devices that are generally used in abdominal hernia repairs in order to strengthen weak tissues.

Abdominal wall hernias occur when intestines or tissues in the abdomen find a weak spot in the abdominal wall and protrude out of the abdomen along with the herniated sac (peritoneum). In addition, these diseases are among the most commonly treated diseases in surgery. Instead of suturing the tear in the abdominal wall or patching the weakness in the tissue, surgeons generally prefer flexible surgical meshes with a loose knit structure. After the surgical operation, the patient does not feel too much tension in the abdominal wall due to the surgical meshes of this structure. Thus, the patient can continue her daily life comfortably.

Today, the most commonly used surgical meshes are meshes that can be used in hernia repairs and can be found in different structures, including partial absorbable mesh and non-absorbable mesh. The absorbable part of the partial absorbable mesh is usually obtained from the copolymer structure formed by two polymers, generally PGA-PCL. The absorbable part provides strength to the tissue until the tissue heals without long-term reinforcement.

The non-absorbable part consists of PP polymer. However, the absorbable part loses its strength and disintegrates over time, leaving only the non-absorbable PP structure. Non-absorbable mesh is considered as a permanent implant and has the potential to remain in the body indefinitely.

In addition, biological mesh, which is a more expensive option than partial absorbable mesh, is produced from donor tissue in a laboratory environment with advanced technologies. Although this type of mesh has no long-term consequences, several problems have been noted, depending on its durability and permanence. However, it is used in patients with no other treatment possibility.

As a result, absorbable materials are less likely to become infected than non-absorbable materials. Also, it is less harmful for internal organs. Partially absorbable mesh is used to reduce the amount of foreign matter and to establish strength by maintaining mechanical resistance. Intercalarily, it can be used in open surgery and laparoscopy operations.

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