Product design

Product design


KATSAN has very experienced team especially specialized in product design and development. Valuable new product development ideas in the minds of our customers are handled from the beginning and converted into product design in a way that can be produced in an original, in a cost effective way and in line with market expectations. The designs are verified by putting the designs into the prototype processes. Later, all kinds of fixtures, apparatus, molds and tester designs required for mass production are designed and delivered to customers on a turnkey basis. Molds to be used in mass production are provided by suppliers under KATSAN control. As a result, KATSAN offers its customers a complete solution from idea to product.


Product Industrial Design

Product 3D Modeling Service

Prototyping Service

Preparation of Manufacturing and Assembly Drawings

Preparation of Part Lists

Fixture – Apparatus Design and Manufacturing

Mold Design and Manufacturing

Product Specific Test Device design and manufacturing

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