Absorbable haemostat is a medical device used in many surgical procedures to control bleeding from capillaries and other sources during surgery. In order to control bleeding more rapidly during surgical operations, the appropriate absorbable haemostat selected should offer good usage characteristics. In order for the surgeon to successfully control hemostasis during the surgical operation, it is more appropriate to make hemostatic agents from absorbable materials.

Characteristics to be considered for the selection of absorbable haemostat:

• Excellent flexibility for good handling.
• Excellent hemostatic ability.
• Stable absorption by the body.
• Ingredient that does not cause an immune response.
• Non-stick use to surgical instrument.
• Antimicrobial effect against resistant microorganisms.
• Helper to prevent wound complications.
• Adequate biocompatibility test results can be listed as characteristics.

The hemostatic agents used when choosing an absorbable haemostat provide differences according to their characteristics.

In addition, compared to other hemostatic agents such as collagen, gelatin, thrombin, these are other materials obtained from animals that induce the immune response. Cellulose, a plant-based material, makes the operation safe with the least risk during surgical operations.

The absorbable haemostat, which has convenient usage features during surgery, does not cause any complications. The absorbable haemostat, also helps stop bleeding due to the black gelatinous mass it creates when it comes into contact with blood. At the same time, the absorbable haemostat provides ease of use to the surgeon with the rapid absorption provided in a short time during the surgical operation.

Consequently, when choosing an absorbable haemostat, important points to be considered in addition to the effective usage properties it provides should be considered. The absorbabe haemostat cannot be used for packing or dressing. Also, it is not used for control purposes in large artery hemorrhage.

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