Some patients have problems such as limitation of movement and stiffness in the abdominal wall, accompanied by discomfort due to foreign body sensation when certain weight patches are used. In order to prevent these problems and provide patient comfort, different applications have been sought. Based on the results of these applications, a composite partial absorbable mesh has emerged with a compound structure. Composite mesh has a lighter and wider pore structure compared to patches.

Partially absorbable knitted mesh is produced naturally or synthetically from cadaver, animal and human’s own tissue. Synthetic meshes that are cheaper and more abundant than biological meshes are obtained by combining absorbable and non-absorbable materials. Thus, partially absorbable mesh is designed by using half of the monofilament PGCL and non-absorbable monofilament PP polymers as the two-component monofilament content.

In addition, while producing medical devices, attention is paid not to cause any complications during contact with the patient’s body, as well as its clinical performance. Also, biocompatibility performance evaluated biologically is important for the use of the device for human-tissue connection. Partially absorbable mesh, which has an ideal product design, is sufficient to be easily manipulated with its rigid structure before absorption.

In other words, the partially absorbable mesh provides maximum integration with its large pore structure. This macropore structure allows fluid flow in the body by preventing seroma formation that can cause infections. Generally, the severity of the inflammatory reaction that occurs depends on the material from which the mesh is produced. On the other hand, only the PP mesh structure remains with the absorption of the PGA-PGCL structure. PP mesh structure is a medical device that reduces the physical stress on the abdominal wall due to the patient comfort and the dimensions it has.

Intercalarily, the reason for the serious decrease of foreign body reaction after partial absorption is the very low weight of the monofilament mesh structure remaining as PP. In this manner, the partial absorbable mesh sterilized with ethylene oxide increases the visibility with purple lines that will provide ease of use during the surgical operation.

Consequently, PGCL monofilament used for partial absorbable mesh is less likely to become infected. At the same time, it is less harmful for internal organs. You can provide quality use in the surgical field with the meshes of KATSAN, which is offered for use with its composite partially absorbable feature as well as its soft and flexible structure.

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