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Teramesh® Non-Absorbable

Teramesh® Non-Absorbable is made of polypropelene non-absorbable monofilament fibers. This mesh implant is used for abdominal wall stabilization in cases such as hernia. After implantation the PP mesh remains stabilized and provides ease of usage as far as is not degraded in the body.


Hernia, including abdominal and incisional hernias

Rectal and genital urinary prolapses cases


Suitable for use in open or laparoscopic techniques.

Teramesh® Non-Absorbable meshes are sterilized by EO.
Teramesh® Non-Absorbable Mesh is bio-compatible. ISO – 10993 Bio-compatibility results are available to our customers upon requests.


6cm x 11cm

10cm x 10cm

10cm x 15cm

15cm x 15cm

10cm x 20cm