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The MEDICA 2023 fair has elevated our success to new heights, building on the achievements of the previous year. Much like last year, this event served as a pivotal platform for a significant convergence of visitors and participants from around the globe.

With a staggering 83,000 visitors from 66 countries, this vital event brought industry leaders together, opening new doors for innovation and collaboration. Simultaneously, with nearly 6,100 exhibitors from 69 countries, we had the opportunity to showcase our products and share the latest industry developments.

At our booth, we curated a comprehensive display featuring our surgical sutures, laparoscopic surgical trocars, barbed sutures, hemostats, and meshes. This allowed us to present our product portfolio in the most extensive and effective manner possible. Through interactive presentations and hands-on activities, participants had the chance to directly experience the quality of our products.

This year’s event not only showcased the excellence of our products but also underscored KATSAN’s leadership in the industry. Our interactions with customers, partners, and other professionals demonstrated the continued global strengthening of our company.

We eagerly anticipate the next edition of the MEDICA fair. We look forward to reuniting with our valued visitors, partners, and friends.

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